Industry Working Groups

ELEXON manages a number of Industry Working Groups (IWGs) which exist to review specific subjects for a given length of time. Each group consists of industry representatives who will work with ELEXON staff to consider the impact of key changes and associated BSC information.

Groups relating to TERRE 

P344 ‘Project TERRE’ seeks to align the BSC with the European Balancing Project TERRE (Trans European Replacement Reserves Exchange) requirements. This will allow the implementation of the TERRE balancing product at national level and ensure compliance with the European Electricity Balancing Guideline (EBGL).

The BSC Panel has recommended to the Authority (at its 14 June 2018 meeting) that it approve the P344 Alternative Modification (mandatory sharing of Half Hourly (HH) delivered volumes with the customer’s Supplier) and reject the Proposed Modification (customer consent required for sharing HH delivered volumes with the customer’s Supplier).

The Authority is expected to decide by 31 July 2018. If approved the Modification will be implemented in the February 2019 BSC Release. In anticipation of the Authority’s decision, ELEXON are developing the processes and Code Subsidiary Documents (CSDs) required to deliver the P344 solution and has established five IWGs.

IWG 1: Registration processes

This IWG will develop the process for registering as a Virtual Lead Party (VLP) as well as the process for registering Secondary BM Units (SBMUs).

IWG 2: Allocation of SVA MSID to SBMU

This IWG will develop a register of SBMU MSID pairs and the process for notifying which MSID pair will be associated with which SBMUs. There is overlap between IWG2 and IWG4 and the first IWG meetings will be combined.

IWG 3: Half hourly data aggregator processes

This IWG will develop the processes for Half Hourly Data Aggregators (HHDAs) to submit Metered volume data for SBMU SVA Metering Systems into Settlement.

IWG 4: Virtual lead party processes

This IWG will develop the processes for submitting MSID pair Meter data for each MSID pair as well as how the SVAA will allocate Metering System Delivered Volume between each of the MSID pair. There is overlap between IWG2 and IWG4 and the first IWG meetings will be combined

IWG 5: Performance Assurance Framework

This IWG will ensure that the Performance Assurance Framework (PAF) is updated to reflect the P344 solution.


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