P391: Podcast about the Desktop Audit modification

In this Podcast, Ivar Macsween, a Senior Change Analyst at ELEXON, explains proposals to amend the BSC to expand the scope of the Technical Assurance of Metering technique to allow for Desktop Audits to act as a supplement to existing on-site Inspection Visits.

The proposal is out for consultation until 17:00 on 27 September 2019

Listen to the podcast

Please note that this podcast is hosted on ELEXON Communications SoundCloud service.

Transcript of podcast

Hello everyone, I am here today to talk about P391, that’s introducing desktop audits as part of the TAM technique which was raised yesterday and will shortly be issued for consultation this Monday 16th September 2019.

So at its meeting on 12th September, the BSC Panel agreed to raise this Modification following a recommendations from the Performance Assurance Board, or PAB, and also agreed to send it straight to the Report phase the solution being self-evident with nothing that the Workgroup could feasible add and as a self-governance Modification with the decision made by the Panel rather than by The Authority.


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