Trading Charges

Every day, Trading Charges are calculated for each BSC Party . Trading Charges are made up of:

Account Energy Imbalance Cashflow

These are payments by Trading Parties at System Buy Price for negative energy imbalance volumes, i.e. top-up, and payments to Trading Parties at System Sell Price for positive energy imbalance volumes, i.e. spill.

Information Imbalance Charge

These are payments by Trading Parties at the Information Imbalance Price on the magnitude of any deviations of BM Unit Metered Volumes from Final Physical Notification. Since the BSC was introduced, the Information Imbalance Price has been set always to be zero.

Period BM Unit Cashflow

These are payments to Trading Parties at Offer Price for accepted Offers, and payments by Trading Parties at Bid Price for accepted Bids.

BM Unit Period Non-Delivery Charge

These are payments by Trading Parties either:

  • for non-delivered Offers, in the event that a payment at an Offer Price to a Trading Party exceeds the imbalance price paid on the shortfall resulting from any non-delivery;
  • for non-delivered Bids in the event that the imbalance price paid to a Trading Party for the spill caused by any non-delivery exceeds the price paid by the Trading Party for the Bid.

Residual Cashflow Reallocation Cashflow (RCRC)

Any excess or shortfall in cashflow after all BSC Parties have paid their Imbalance Charges is redistributed amongst BSC Parties on a scale proportional to their volume of non-interconnector Credited Energy. This redistribution is paid as Residual Cashflow Reallocation Cashflow (RCRC). RCRC data is presented on a £/MWh basis.

You can download RCRC data (in XLS format) from the ELEXON Portal. An explanation of how to use this data to calculate how much you will receive in RCRC payments is given in the RCRC Guidance.

System Operator BM Cashflow

Typically this is a payment by the Transmission Company to cover the net cost of Offer and Bid Acceptances.

Useful Documents

Delivery of Advice Notes, Backing Sheets and Confirmation Notices [242 Kb]

How to Read Advice Notes and Confirmation Notices [680 Kb]

How to read your Trading Charges Backing Sheets [315 Kb]

How to complete the Funds Accession Form [162 Kb]


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